Choosing Home Theater Furniture and Seating

Today’s television and sound equipment can transport you across continents and through time. To fully appreciate the home theater experience, choosing the furniture and seating for your home should be done with care. A home theater will bring many hours of enjoyment and increase the value of your home. With a vision in mind, and the right company to guide you, you can find furniture and seating that is comfortable, stylish and conducive to an exciting home theater experience.

When designing your home theater, consider the following things:

o How much space do you have to work with? Decide where you want the television and audio equipment to be placed. If necessary, choose a tower or entertainment unit that fits the location, and then select audio equipment to fit. When measuring the room for furniture and seating needs, remember to include adequate space between the seating area and the screen. Remember to also include any space you may need for tables, cabinets or speaker stands.

o What is your budget? Knowing how much money you can spend will make your furniture option choices easier. This will allow you to choose extra options and accessories up front rather than having to upgrade later.

o How many people on average will use your home theater? The amount and size of the seating will be limited by space. Once you decide how many seats you need, you can work with a professional company to help you make the best use of your space.

o What kind of seating is right for you? If space permits, you can toy with the many seating options available for comfort and pleasure. You can choose to line up the seating, connect it, or spread it out. You can choose a couch, recliner, or chairs with many varying options.

o How do you want the room to feel? If you want your home theater room to feel warm, you may need to add carpeting or purchase large, stuffed chairs. If you want the room to feel open, you may want to have many small pieces of furniture rather than a few large ones.

The options available for furniture and seating are numerous. Look for furniture that promises durability and that is made of quality materials. These features are key to long-lasting furniture. When looking for shelving or entertainment units, take into account the overall design of your room. There is furniture designed to hide all of your audio equipment and some meant to display them. You can use a tower, a wall unit, or an entertainment center for your equipment. For tight spaces, you can purchase a corner unit. Most units are equipped to accommodate flat panel plasma or LCD televisions, but will work with other styles as well. Tall skinny tower design holds all of your audio equipment, while taking up very little room. If height is an issue, you can purchase a short tower that is a bit longer than the rest. Towers and entertainment centers come in many colors, and you can choose from wood, glass, metal, or a combination to fit any décor. If space is very limited, consider wall mounting a flat-panel display and utilizing small shelving underneath to hold the DVD player and audio equipment.

Theater chairs are important elements in a home theater room. Comfort and practicality should take center stage when choosing your seating. Recliners are a popular option and can work well in most rooms. Leather seating provides extraordinary comfort and the practicality of a wipe clean surface. Some recliners can be arranged theater style or connected all together. Many recliners come with cup holders that resemble an actual movie theater seat. When choosing a recliner, keep in mind how much it reclines. If the chair fully reclined makes viewing your television screen impossible, you may need to either redesign the room or rethink your furniture choices. If your home theater will be used by kids, you may want to consider bean bags and some other low cost seating. These items are easy to clean and can be moved around depending on the size and number of kids watching television.

The Many Types of Wrought Iron Furniture And Accessories

Home is supposed to be a place of rest and comfort. Creating a beautiful environment that reflects your personal taste can make if more restful and more comforting. Style through wrought iron can give great results. It is easy to find, can be plain or painted or faux finished and can last for years, changing with the styles.

Where can I use wrought iron in my home?

Wrought iron furniture is very popular. You can use it inside and outside and in virtually every room of your house. Just a few of the many examples include: wrought iron switch plates around your lights and outlets, wrought iron light fixtures, tables made of wrought iron, candle holders, racks to hold magazines, wine bottles, plants and pot racks. Household racks including towels, wall shelves, center pieces for your table and more. You can use it in virtually any room of your house and it looks beautiful. It’s great for accessories such as picture frames, candelabras, plant stands and sculptures. A wrought iron canopy bed looks great, as does an iron coat rack in your front hall. You can have a wrought iron baker’s rack in your kitchen and a wrought iron frame around your mirrors. Using an iron poker in your fireplace, using an iron pot rack above your kitchen island and using an iron towel rack in your bathroom can give you functionality and great décor.

What about using wrought iron outside?

Outdoors, you can use wrought iron for fencing, gates, tables, awnings, gazebos, benches, light fixtures and more. Fire pots, arbors and lamp posts made with this material also look fantastic. Using rust proofing or special paints can help it last longer without being rusted or corroded as well as change the look if you grow tired of a specific color.

Wrought iron household decorating is very popular in Europe as well as other areas. It’s so versatile and durable as well as looking wonderful. Iron can be considered modern as well as antique. It’s artistic as well as functional. Wrought iron can be twisted, made into ivy designs and many more shapes. Wrought iron is very popular for Christmas decorations as well as for decorative railings in twists or straight, with twirls and can be topped with swirls or pointed angles.

Wrought iron looks great, is easy to maintain and is very affordable. It can become family heirlooms as well to be passed down through generations.

Create A Spa Atmosphere In Your Master Bathroom With Accents And Accessories

People spend time at spas in order to feel better when they leave than they did when they arrived. Whether the point of the spa visit is getting a much needed massage to reduce muscle tension brought on by injury or the stresses of daily life, getting a facial that leaves your skin glowing or getting a manicure that makes the skin on your hands feel unbelievably soft as it makes your nails look gorgeous, all spa visits leave you feeling relaxed and happy.

Though you probably don’t employ a massage therapist, aesthetician or manicurist in your home, you can still create the soothing spa atmosphere of peaceful relaxation and well being in your master bath using accessories and décor accents instead of major renovations. The towel racks, mirrors, soaps and sundries you choose can make a world of difference.

Here are a few design tips to help you get started in creating a spa ambience in your home’s bathroom:

o Choose graceful towel racks big enough to hold body sheet type bath towels without looking crowded. Wrought iron towel racks with a shelf on the top are particularly nice as you can use the shelf to hold and display scented aromatherapy candles and potpourri that add to the spa feeling.

o Don’t hide bath necessities such as soaps and body lotions under the sink or in the medicine cabinet. Instead, unwrap soaps and store them in a large, pretty, clear glass jar.

o Instead of merely folding clean towels and washcloths and tucking them away, roll them and store them in a large, flattish basket.

o Use antiques to create charming storage: An old three-drawer chest or freestanding repurposed jam cupboard-especially when painted the same color as the bathroom walls can hold a lot of hair dryers, curlers, cosmetics and whatever else you need. The overall effect is supposed to be charismatic and personal.

o Include some greenery to increase a sense of well being. A dark green plant looks great anywhere, and pictures of flowers and landscapes contribute additional notes of serenity. Ferns love steam and moisture and they thrive in a bathroom setting, as long as you have ample natural light to allow them to grow.

o Use candles lavishly-nothing says “elegant spa” more than candles! Set candles of all sizes along the edges of your tub. Light them while bathing for a relaxing bath experience.

o Listen carefully. Invest in a small CD player and several CDs of soft music and natural sounds such as gentle rain or ocean waves. Listening to soothing music while getting ready for work can help to start a day that runs smoothly; listening to soothing music during an evening bath can take the edge off one that didn’t. Many specialty retailers sell “Spa Sounds” music on compact disc.

o Use bath salts and body oils every day. Why deny yourself these pleasures except when you go to a day spa? You deserve the feel good benefits that scented bath salts, botanical bath soaks, body lotions and oils provide on an everyday basis, not just once in a while! Many spas now sell the same products you enjoy during spa treatments for home use as well, and buying them for home use will truly make you feel your bath is a luxurious spa!

As with any spa you visit, it is the personal touches and ambiance that make it special and memorable. The same rules apply in your own master bathroom. Choose items you love, and pieces of furniture that add to that spa feeling and you cannot go too far wrong.

Jessica Ackerman is the head author at Wall Décor and Home Accents – visit to explore exceptional metal wall hangings and research modern wall candle sconces.

Five Benefits of Ordering Your Doors and Accessories Online

Do you peruse the hardware store aisles? Do you feel that you’ve got to touch and feel the product before you purchase it? How long does it take you to pick out the items that you need? Maybe that is the problem. Maybe the item that you need isn’t even in stock. And now you’ve wasted your time and gas money. So you’ll have to try and find it elsewhere. There is a solution.

No more time wasting

You can conveniently purchase your doors and doorknobs right from the privacy of your own home. This will actually save you time to do something else. We are all trying to find a way to squeeze a little more into our day. This is one way to take charge and get a little of your time back.

Quality Brand Named items

You won’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for price. You know those other stores offer you something that is cheap in price and ends up being cheap in quality as well. These are all the names you recognise and love at discounted prices.

Specialty items

Is there a specific décor or theme that you are getting for your home that you just can’t seem to find? They will help you to locate that one of a kind item to complete your renovation. This is all delivered to you within 24 hours after you’ve placed your order online.


Any item that you order is under warranty by the manufacturer. You can rest assured that should you have a problem you won’t get the run around. Their customer service is willing to help you resolve any concerns or problems that you might have. They want to be your online supplier for doors and accessories.

Cost Savings

Most local hardware stores are going to have higher pricing as they have a brick and mortar building to maintain. They also have to carry everything from bug spray to uncut lumber. They specialize in doors and door hardware so they will be able to have the item you need in stock.

Most people dread heading to the hardware store as they will have to try to locate the item. If it isn’t there they’ll need to search for it somewhere else. No one likes to wait in line or deal with bad customer service. You will be able to shop online at their secure website. It will all take a few minutes to locate what you need and have it delivered to your front door. The price of your purchase does include the GST and an additional courier fee will be added unless free shipping was offered at the time of your purchase. With all of these benefits you can see why it is a win-win situation for anyone looking to purchase a new door or door accessories.

Victorian Home Decor – Romantic and Abundant

Victorian home décor based on abundance and rich accessories is still popular today in spite of the fact that other aspects of Victorian culture like clothing or morals are not in present society anymore. Of course, Victorian home décor has changed in a number of ways over the years, but not so much that it has lost its authenticity. If you see closely, modern Victorian home décor style is still firmly and authentically Victorian.

The Roots of Victorian Home Décor

Victorian style is all about excess and abundance. This is the polar opposite of styles like oriental or philosophies like Feng Shui. The Victorian home décor goes to the fullest extent possible. If you look at Victorian clothing styles and Victorian-era morals, you will see a strong resemblance. Victorian clothing featured skirts to the ground, with excess material making the skirt as full as possible. Collars went up people’s necks; they were not of the fold-down or the low-cut variety. Sleeves were also to the wrist. Similarly, your Victorian home décor should “dress” your house to the fullest.

Dressing your House

In order to fully dress the house, you should begin with the skeletal structure of your home. Windows are considered the most important element in Victorian home décor; you have to fully dress your windows with at least three full, distinct, flowing layers of curtains and shades. As for the color, white fabric would be the best choice – the white layers will allow the sunshine to filter through even though your windows are completely covered.

Further Accents

In addition to window dressings, Victorian home décor requires Victorian furniture and accents. Furniture should be beautiful but usable, and its purpose should be crystal clear. Once you have your furniture in place, add other accents like white lampshades with ornaments on them. This should pertain to every lampshade in your house. Similar to the windows, your light bulbs should be dressed in two to three layers of white fabric, with gold accents if you wish

Victorian home décor can look very beautiful in your house, if you put in some time and effort. Invest in beautiful fabrics and a few key accents, and any room in your house can become a romantic Victorian retreat.

Add Spice To Your Home By Decorating With Mexican Decor And Accessories

If you want a fun and colorful home, then using Mexican decor and accessories can be a great way to achieve the look you want. But just how do you decorating in a Mexican style? Here are some tips on what colors, furniture and accessories to use.

For a great Mexican look, you want to stick to vibrant colors like red and cobalt blue colors for your home. Go to your local paint store and find paint cards with the colors you prefer and take home 2 or 3 that appeal to you. When you decide which colors you are going to use, you can carry the cards with you so you can match up your decorative accessories and items like tiles and fabrics when you are out shopping.

For decorative appeal, you want to add paintings and knick knacks in addition to furniture. You want to end up with a cheerful style that has hints of rustic décor so using wrought iron accents and wormwood or pine furniture is a good idea.

Your Mexican decor project will also look great with colorful tiles and pottery to add authentic ambiance. Window treatments for the Mexican decor should be artsy. Try enhancing your windows with colorful curtains, or iron or wood treatments. Once you have your windows decorated, You’ll find that your walls need sprucing up. To get your walls looking wonderful think about adding Mexican pottery plates in scrolly plate hangers and racks.

You also want to be sure to get suitable lighting for your room design. Buy lighting that is wood or iron with colorful shades or colorful pottery or iron to enhance the Mexican decorating approach.

You can also incorporate flooring into your decorating scheme and adding area rugs to your
home can make the room look inviting. What you should consider for your colorful and unique look is stenciled mats or woven rugs which should be reds, oranges and cobalt blues.

To add to your decor try colorful Mexican pottery on shelves and tables or wrought iron accessories displayed here and there plus stone fountains, and cacti to make the most of your interior decorating scheme. For a nice decorative appeal add pillows that have colorful ethnic prints along with some plants.

Having a Mexican decor home can be fun and easy if you assemble a decent plan ahead of time. Shop thoroughly for specifically the items in your plan and add them to the room accordingly and you’ll have the wonderful look of Mexico in no time!

Decorate Your Home With Interactive Decor Accessories

Most people use the words ‘accessories’ and ‘show pieces’ interchangeably. They may not be altogether wrong in their assumptions as show pieces are in fact accessories; however accessories are not necessarily always showpieces. The major difference between the two is that showpieces are to be looked at and not touched; whereas accessories are accessible.

If you have school-going age children, put all traditional home décor ideas on hold for a while and try re-orienting your decorating mind. Instead of putting out your porcelain figurines and forever admonishing, “Stand far and look! Do not touch!” why not have on display interactive accessories that are accessible to children. Whether on the wall or on the table, these interactive accessories encourage inquisitive minds to “Come on over and have a look. Go ahead and touch me too”.

Interactive accessories don’t just sit in a corner looking fabulous. They promote interaction between family members and can also teach children a lot, in a fun and interesting way.

Still puzzled? Think world maps, jigsaw puzzles, coffee table books, photographs and children’s artwork and you’ll immediately realize their potential as interactive home décor accessories.

Replace your conventional home décor with these ideas for interactive home accessories and see what a difference it makes:

Jigsaw Puzzles
Replace your designer centerpiece from the centre table in the living room with a large 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle and watch the whole family get more and more involved as bits and pieces come together right in front of their very eyes. Did you think most children considered jigsaw puzzles old-fashioned? On the contrary, any child would happily give up their X-Box or Play Station time for a chance to spend time doing something with their family. Put out a 1000-piece double sided jigsaw puzzle for twice the fun!

Even your guests are sure to enjoy trying to piece the puzzle together every time they come over to visit. Nobody will even notice the absence of the gorgeous centerpiece that you’ve taken away to accommodate the puzzle.

World Maps
Unless every inch of your wall space is already used up to hang picture frames and what not, you don’t really need to remove anything. Just find a spot on the wall that is highly visible and hang a world map at a little lower level. Just pointing to any one country or city on the world map opens up endless windows of discussions. Tell your kids some interesting facts about the place they’ve pointed to- the geography of the place, an interesting historical anecdote or perhaps their culture.

In another area, hang up a frame map of your home town. Challenge your kids to identify places they have visited and if you spent your childhood in the same town, regale them with interesting stories of “your days” and what used to be at that very spot just a few years ago.

Convert one part of your wall into an interactive album. You could change the display according to the occasion. For your child’s birthday party, display photographs of all past parties. Your kids and their friends as well as all the parents, you too, are sure to have a blast remembering the fun times they all had. It also serves as a great way to see how the kids have grown over the years.

At other times, put up a random assortment of photographs of the immediate family with various friends and extended family. Photographic walls evoke a lot of bittersweet memories and make for a very emotional interactive décor accessory.

Wholesale Home Decorating Ideas With Affordable Country and Western Accents and Accessories

Are you always considering a way to makeover your rustic cabin or lodge in order to make it more comfortable and attractive? Have you considered decorating with a western theme? Many homeowners would like to say yes to these questions, but are hindered from experimenting with new decorating themes due to the expense of a makeover. There are ways to inexpensively decorate with affordable home accents. In this article, we will highlight some ways to decorate your cabin or lodge with country western décor at a bargain price.

First, in order to find decorating ideas you might look through magazines and newspapers to research ways to decorate with a Wild West style. Look for unique western décor and how it is used in a room to bring out the best qualities of the particular area. While researching be sure to keep a record of prices on western home accents and accessories.

Next, start visiting stores locally and online for western home décor to begin your home improvement project.

*Check your local newspaper for announced estate sales and notice the type of items that are available. Many great deals and fine vintage home accents can be found by shopping at estate sales. If you find items you are interested in purchasing, it is acceptable to ask the owners of the estate sale for a lower price or a discount rate.

*Hotel liquidators is not a place you typically think of when considering rustic décor for your lodge or cabin space, but it is a great place to shop for discount home décor. All of the furnishings and home décor accessories of the hotel are sold in order to update the hotel or in the event the hotel is going out of business.

*Auctions held locally or online auctions can deliver great deals on listed western home décor items. It is important to stay within your budget when placing bids at auction sites.

*Shopping at local flea markets and antique malls can provide you with a unique shopping experience. You will most likely find many distinctive home accents and accessories at discount prices. If you are a thrifty shopper, then you will enjoy looking through the many items available at flea markets.

*Shopping online for wholesale western décor is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to shop. Consider online home décor stores that offer public wholesale shopping for consumers as well as retailers. Check to make sure the wholesaler does not have a minimum order requirement or a membership fee in order to take advantage of the low price points on merchandise. Look for competitive shipping rates to include insurance on products while in transit. Become more familiar with the online business, by visiting the about us/contact us pages and be sure to read the policies on privacy and returns.

*Consider researching online for home décor catalogs that carry a selection of wholesale western décor or rustic lodge décor. You may be pleasantly surprised at the many wholesale products offered.

After shopping these various locations, you will surely have many wholesale western home décor products to use to decorate your home, lodge or cabin with a wild western theme. You will have distinctive home interiors like no one else in your neighborhood. Your exclusive country and western décor will reveal the thrifty décor shopper that you are with bargain decorations that will surprise and delight your family and friends.

The Distinction And Elegance of Wrought Iron Furniture And Accessories

If you want elegance and opulence for your home, wrought iron is something that seems to stand the test of time in terms of fashion and style. Wrought iron furniture and accessories never go out of style.

Wrought iron designs set your home apart in terms of style and fashion. It’s both modern as well as antique looking and fits into any décor.

Wrought Iron is adaptable to any décor

Whether your home is decorated with earth tones in a cottage style or modern looking or gothic, wrought iron can be integrated into your existing style and color palette. If you redecorate, it will match any style. It’s often black or gray although can be painted as well.

Wrought iron can exist in every space in your home. You can decorate outside your house with it as well. Your bathroom can have towel holders; your kitchen can have pot racks or shelving units. Your stairs might be protected with an iron railing. Frames for photos, candlestick holders, mirrors and bed frames can all be made in varying designs with wrought iron. You might have iron magazine racks or a black iron coat rack. Perhaps your entranceway has iron gates as well.

Because wrought iron is a timeless design, it is a great investment. It can add curb appeal as well because it immediately gives an aura of distinction and elegance.

Wrought Iron for Safety

A gorgeous iron railing can be a great centerpiece to the entrance of a home. Wether your staircase goes straight up, winds in a spiral or is a Scarlett O’Hara staircase, wrought iron is very sturdy and also elegant. You can have straight lines or twists or combinations of elegant twirls and turns with spindles or even ivy designs. This is a style that won’t ever look dated and can fit as you redecorate.

Your walls can also be decorated to accentuate the staircase with wrought iron framed mirrors, candle holders and sconces. Some front doors even have wrought iron doors behind them as well in the same pattern as the staircase. This is a very luxurious look.

For gates and fencing around your home, this gives your home a great and stylish look as well as adding safety and security with lockable sturdy gates to surround the house or a swimming area.

Wrought iron gives the impression of style, wealth and elegance to any home and is also durable and functional. It can increase the appeal and value of your property as well.

Wooden Furniture And Accessories

Even outdoor wooden furniture made of any of these woods: teak, oak, rosewood or even redwoods can be virtually maintenance free. For tables, chairs, lounge chairs, rockers and more, wooden furniture is an absolutely, undeniably beautiful medium. Many furniture enthusiasts and interior decorators share this particular taste. Wooden furniture can be classy, low -maintenance, and inexpensive: a great combo when it comes to the overall value for the consumer.

Used both indoors and outdoors, of course, wooden furniture is among the most alluring. It can be rustic, luxurious, elegant, modern and even abstract. I do not think there is a limit on the amount of possibilities for the inspiration of carpentry and, subsequently, the design of your furniture. But wood is certainly not the only way to go, metals of several kinds, and even furniture composed mostly of glass, are popular furniture mediums in this day and age. As with all home décor, indoor or outdoor, the final verdict on the perfect solution for you will boil down to a matter of personal taste.

Solid, dark woods give off a wonderful ambiance in a well kept home. Depending on the finishing, the design and the overall look you are going for, there are several designs to choose from – or you can have the furniture item you’ve got your heart set on created by a custom wood furniture maker. From floors to walls to porch rockers there are wooden furnishings of some kind or another in virtually everyone’s residence. There have been wooden, long lasting (and especially pleasing to the eye) pieces of furniture that people have used throughout history.

Wood is one of the most basic furniture making items, carpentry is an ancient trade – but especially with the potential of all kinds of artistic genres one can use. Furniture making can easily be considered an art form. Likely, a wood furniture (and other wood merchandise) maker who is extremely passionate about his or her work would likely be more prone to consider what they do an artistic trade.

Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background includes teaching, gardening, and fashion. For more of her articles on gardening and outdoor furniture, please visit, supplier of high quality Teak Garden Furniture and Outdoor Wooden Furniture.